We are the fastest growing textile company in Mumbai and our products are beyond reproach. Happy customers are our pride and promise. We launched three independent clothing labels in 2017. WOOLF THE SHIRT COMPANY& KRODA & HM ORIGINALS.

We are a small and ambitious organization. We constantly innovate to create products that will be loved both in terms of design and in terms of quality. Our goal is to curate some fantastic and unique designs from all over the globe and to make the best products, because our customers deserve nothing but the best.

We value the hard-earned money that our customers spend on our products and we ensure that we design products which give them the value for money. Not only our team puts their heads together to create products that will be loved an put a smile on the faces of the customer when they adorn the products. So, if you’re looking for some outstanding apparel, bestsuited for your needs and at pace with the latest fashion trends, you’ve come to the right place !

WOOLF THE SHIRT COMPANY & KRODA & HM ORIGINALS is a cool casual and formal-wear brand. Our customers are our focus and we believe in connecting with them to the fullest through our brands and products. Our brands tell a story which will help our customers not only identify with the brand but also the products.

We mirror the fondness of today’s youth and intend to sell a unique product line which conforms to latest trend standards at unbeatable prices. We believe in matching our pace with the trends, ever since the inception of our company over 37 years ago we have never stopped innovating, each day is a new day and each design is a new and unique design created for our ever evolving customers.

In today’s world where there are many middlemen online and so many hidden costs, we have taken the revolutionary approach to create products in house and sell directly to customers. There is a no-middleman, no-rentals, no-markups business model, which is centered on selling straight to customers online. To save our customers from these humungous hidden costs we reach our customers directly and thrive to provide the best services to them without any miscommunication or loss in translation, which is a common occurrence in today’s ecommerce world with so many middlemen.

Inspired by design and driven by creativity, our passionate team strives to offer a wide range of up-to-the-minute styles that are ‘quality guaranteed’. Available in vibrant colors, smart prints, creative patterns, and top notch quality our designs are handcrafted keeping in mind the needs and comfort of our customers.

A high-street fashion brand that aims to produce style with comfort. The idea is to create affordable casual fashion and super trendy lifestyle products.

"With HM ORIGINALS PVT LTD, your imagination is at your fingertips. We're glad you're here."

Our Story

Launched in 2017, our Brand WOOLF the Shirt Company is one of the best e e-selling shirt brands in India. We are on a mission to reinforce the idea that world class quality and products can originate in Bombay. We marry contemporary product design and technology with old school tailoring techniques to bring to you high quality yet affordable products. Our shirts are hand crafted at our state of the art products which are not only fashionable and stylish but also an epitome fd comfort. Our skilled operators use single needle construction to ensure clean finishing and durable seams. Collars are fused with high quality interlining to achieve a fine balance between volume and pliability.

A blend of old-world tailoring and modern-age technology our one aim is to revolutionize the custom clothing industry. Behind the company is a group of hard-working and creative professionals – fashion designers, stylists, local artisans, management consultants and engineers who believe that one’s clothing is a true representation of a self-made, successful individual.

HM ORIGINALS PVT LTD strives to provide perfection in every deal hatched, and every piece of textile made. Perfection and quality is something we, at HM ORIGNALS PVT LTD stand by and this is something we will never compromise on.


A Wolf who is always on the hunt for more. A Wolf is sleek, sharp, fast and unstoppable once he sets sights on his goal, in fact a wolf is considered one of the smartest hunters in the world and their prey doesn’t stand a chance.

A man that knows exactly what he wants out of life and stops at nothing to get it. He is ambitious, a storm waiting to unleash its strength in the world. He knows it takes hard work, style and intelligence to get to the top. He has constant drive, and once starts the climb to success only stops when he reaches the goal he dreamt of. You should never have to compromise on style because your style is what gives you identity and it is what instills a sense of confidence in you which eventually helps you reach the place in life you always wanted to be at. Our unique designs will add elements to your outfit that compliments the alpha male inside of you.

We are a fashion-forward brand that believes in creating custom designs that befit ourcustomers’ personality. We have developed an interactive buying experience and created perfect-fit finely tailored shirts curated solely to reflect the stellar tastes of our customers.

Our Founders have sought out the best tailors who work with finesse and believe in using traditional methods to create garments of sheer perfection using the finest of fabric in rich hues and texture that speaks luxury. Our team of qualified designers has created a stunning palette of wardrobe options for customers to choose from. We work on the grounds of delivering quality products to our customers which will push you come back for more. We constantly update our designs, styles, patterns and prints to suit the tastes and requirements of the modern customer base.

We believe in delivering custom services, so that our customers are happy and comfortable in what they decide to wear. Which is why our customers can also consult our experienced designers for choosing fashion that fits their body type and personality, so that they feel comfortable yet stylish because we believe you are only more confident if you are comfortable in what you are wearing. The best of our designers are just a phone call away to help you transform into the best versions of yourself. Each piece of clothing is precisely handcrafted from scratch to fit each customer, celebrating their own sense of style.

We also believe in incorporating local hues and customs in our designs. Mumbai is a hub for unique creative designs and art which is why our designers travel extensively through Mumbai in search of extraordinary pieces by local artisans to complete our customer’s unique look. We believe in continuous research to upgrade our designs and each piece is created after a lot of thought, which makes our designs unique in every aspect. Every artist has a story each handcrafted accessory is a work of art representing the artisan's experience and memorable journey to their craft. We believe that you should identify with what you wear and that is why each piece has a story behind its creation and inception. Our company fuses bespoke tailoring savoir-faire with local discoveries that inspires you from within!


We don’t merely trade in clothing, we trade in dreams and confidence. We help you become the best versions of yourself.

HM ORIGINALS PVT LTD has evolved into a pioneer in men’s custom clothing. Today, the name is synonymous with modern style, time-honored and exclusive tailoring methods, creativity and uniqueness. HM ORIGINALS PVT LTD has pursued excellence in all its forms; we are an amalgam of tradition and innovation. The company’s philosophy speaks to the forward-looking consumers who value the rich eloquence of the past.

The company’s continuous embrace of the human touch and the power of the imagination and innovation results in designs that are an extension of the faith and beliefs of our esteemed customers. Our customers are always happy because of our continuous innovation and our drive to never compromise on quality.

We use ultrafine pure fibers to create new lighter fabrics that are so comfortable and gorgeous to touch that you feel like royalty in our pieces. A lot of passion goes into the making of our products, we don’t take the creation of our products lightly in fact our team pours their heart and should into the creation of these products.

We aim to produce quality and style and our products are designed keeping mind this ideal. All shirts are crafted with an almost 13-18 stitches per inch as per fabric and design. Each shirt is embellished with genuine mother-of-pearl buttons. Cotton, Polyester, Viscos, Satin and Linen are few of fabric used in the creation of these shirts. Fibers of cotton have an extra ordinary staple length and unique uniformity which is what makes them exceptional.

HM ORIGINALS PVT LTD has a rich heritage and experience when it comes to custom tailoring for men. Following a contemporary approach to design, by artfully using premium fabrics with modern styling that makes our customers feel like royalty. The idea was always to make the customers content and confident when they adorn our creations.

HM ORIGINALS PVT LTD operates their exclusive brand stores besides selling its brands through organized retail chains and independent retailers.

Developed by local and experienced designers, the shirts are extensively paneled in India, and cater to the tastes of connoisseurs. They present customers with the same rich contemporary look, tone, and feel across all store locations in the country. We believe in reaching our customers anywhere and at any time which is why we also sell through our online store to ensure utmost comfort to our customers, so that they can order right from the comfort of their homes and receive the same level of quality.

As the movement to Luxury becomes global, it influences all aspects of the lives of consumers. For our customers, luxury is lifestyle that they seek even in their leisure time.

Today’s affluent consumer is getting younger than ever. Cultivating and forming deep relationships with the next generation of consumers is ever more important. Once the younger consumer has been inculcated into the ecosystem of fine products, they will never settle for anything that does not match up to their expectations. This young customer base is the future and is more aware than ever, about their rights, needs and their attitude to never settle for something. The younger brand KRODA was launched to start relationships with these prospective customers who need just a little bit more in terms of style, design, services and more. They need products that go hand in hand with the trends and styles which keep upgrading.


We are a bold and ambitious online fashion brand. We are a fashion destination that celebrates people who believe in looking and feeling their best for all occasions and never settling for something that they believe is not up to their expectations. We are trend setters and not followers. The styles we create are produced with the premium fabric and attention to details such that our customers feel their most confident while wearing our designs. We believe in rapid fashion and our designs evolve according to the changing desires of our customers. We believe in constant change and moving along with the trend which is what has kept us at par with the upcoming brands in the industry.

Our in house designers are equipped with years of rich experience in creating fashionable apparel that our customers fall in love with instantly. They combine the experience with latest research and upbeat fashion trends to deliver the products which are unique in every aspect.

We are inspired by people and trends around us such as celebrities, social media influencers, bloggers, and global trends and create truly global designs. We are constantly innovating and updating our designs to keep our customers up to date with the latest trends.